Expected Delivery Time: XXX days.

. Easy NapTan update process.

. Includes accessibility information via WiKi – no work overhead!

. Can include serviced organisation dates – WiKi process.

. Acts as term date record.

. Automated request and update process from operators on the React Timetable Compiler’ system.

. Managed stop approval process.

. Includes bus stop WiKi.

An easy to use tool that allows an authority to manage its NapTan data, receive information on where updates are required from operators and other sources, and add new fields like accessibility and serviced organisation information (eg Term dates) using a self checking ‘WiKi’ type process.




. Requires no competitive procurement process to buy.

. Easy to use – Crowd sourced/WiKi approach to supplementary information.

. Puts term dates and accessibility data and stop information in one place.

. Simple stop update process and export.

. Crowd sources WiKi style accessibility and location stop data.