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REACT Timetable And Open Data Service

. Allows import of TXC, GTFS or CSV or other files.

. Allows ad hoc construction of timetables.

. Takes in vehicle location data from 3rd party systems or an app provided by us or AVL from React Accessible Displays.

. Gathers and consolidates timetable and dynamic data.

. Outputs Gov.uk compliant data and feeds.

. Modular – you can choose what element you need.

. Subscription model based on usage.

Our REACT Timetable and Open Data Service (Also known as Operator Mandatory Data and TXC “TranXChange” Editing Tool)

This tool allows bus operators and local authorities to compile and edit timetables, gather AVL and output them in formats suitable for the Bus Services Act (2017), TNDS, Google and other data users. Simple and easy to use it is aimed primarily at smaller operators. Includes a NapTan editor and ‘Term time’ tool.



. Exceptional value for small/medium operators – flexible pricing plan.

. Easy to use.

. Can take all sorts of inputs of both live and static data.

. Easy links to .Gov data services.

. Fully compliant with legal obligations.

On Bus Display

. Exceptionally good value entry version.

. Combines all bus display and data requirements in one ‘buy’.

. Flexible upgrade path, fully backward compatible with old systems.

. Fit and forget – fully automated updates to the bus.

. System includes all hard and software elements in one service.

. Can link to data brokerage services fit for LA RTPI systems.

. Range of services from most basic simple this stop/next stop to fully featured Infomedia systems, which allow adverts.

. Fully ‘Bus Services Act’ and accessibility compliant.

This provides an end to end service to make a bus operator and their buses compliant with the ‘Buses Act’ in both on board information provision and data dissemination. Full AVL and links with the Timetable Editor tool, this displays the correct information at the right time on a bus in audio and visual format.



. Complete solution for data and on bus presentation

. Modular pricing and product – buy what you need

. Uses your existing systems and adds to them.

. Flexible payment plans – all up front or spread out.

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