Read some of our fantastic stories on how REACT can help everyone.


Meet Jo:

Jo is partially blind. She uses public transport to get about regularly and uses a stick. She travels on the train both on regular and new journeys frequently. She is tech-savvy and uses apps like Blindsquare and App&Town to travel about, and has accounts with the train operator and with React. She buys tickets online and downloads her tickets to her mobile phone.

fred's story

Meet Fred:

Fred is a wheelchair user who conducts regular journeys by public transport, including one or two longer trips each year by train. As a fairly independent passenger, Fred doesn’t need help in familiar stations he knows well, but does need help to reach his platform in stations he isn’t familiar with.


Meet Kate:

Kate is autistic. She is currently supported in her travel by a companion provided by the Social Services, which requires booking and is costly.

She is fairly tech-savvy, and uses her phone to communicate and email. She is capable when supervised and doesn’t require intensive help, just support guidance so that she feels safe and in control. Her prime need is security and simplicity. She dislikes train and bus travel, as interaction is difficult for her.